LoySoft Reseller Program

Welcome to the LoySoft Reseller Program!

If you operate a computer repair business, or you are a system integrator, value-added reseller (VAR) or IT consultant, then your customers can benefit from the award-winning range of LoySoft products.

As an authorized LoySoft reseller, you can purchase discounted products that you can resell to your customers in store, onsite or online.
Loy image grid

It's a powerful, simple to operate, easy-to-use professional photo management tools!


It's a powerful and easy-to-use software that be used to design and print barcode and labels!


It's a powerful and easy-to-use software that be used to design and print barcode and labels!

Disk Space Clean Clear

It's fast and easy to use search features finds over 81 types of junk files on your hard disk!

Look 'Trojan' Stop

Detect and Remove Trojan horses, Viruses, Spyware from your PC.

Top Memory booster

It's a handy memory optimizer tool that will keep your computer running faster and efficiently!

e! My'Net'Assisatant

It is a powerful software that be used to accelerate your internet connection, Optimize, maintain your PC performance and the security!

Real Benefits

Our commitment to Resellers provides you with real benefits so you can develop achieve and maintain significant margins.
Significantly discounted software
• Minimum 33% off MSRP
• Volume discounts for large orders
Multi Award winning software
• Top rated by major IT publications and websites
• Consumer and enterprise versions available
Dedicated Account Management
• Pre Sales
• Post Sales
• Technical Support
Flexible licensing solutions
• Activation codes -> for separate customers with individual PCs
• Multi user -> for your customers who have multiple PCs on the one network
Online Control Panel
• To place orders 24/7
• To renew customer subscriptions
• Download marketing material

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More detailed information is available from our Reseller FAQ’s, or click here to contact our Reseller Team.

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LoySoft enables you to establish business partnerships with LoySoft and begin your own product marketing efforts. Every new sale will increase your revenue. As soon as you have been activated as an Reseller Partner, you will receive an e-mail containing a confirmation and your login information for the Reseller Control Panel, your personal online information system.
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